Software quality implies nothing about business success

This is a rule I struggled with more than once, so maybe it’s worth sharing:

Good software quality (bug free, good architecture, good UX and so on) is not enough to have a successful business. This is a boring statement: Of course you need a lot more. First and foremost customers for your software.

But here is the interesting thing: The reverse statement is not true. A successful business doesn’t mean it’s based on good software. Again and again I observed (and sometimes participated) how crappy software resulted in a economic success. Software with bugs, ugly design or most of the time non design, very bad architecture, essentially every flaw you can imagine, but neverless the software turned out to be a success.

The conclusion is, that the relationship between the quality of the software you produce and the business success is very complex. Or to revive the title of this post: In general you can’t say anything about the business success (neither negativ or positiv) based on the quality of the software.

And the problem with this rule? When you write software and everybody is happy with the result (the business side, the customer), but you’re not, it can be a difficult situation.