Software quality implies nothing about business success

This is a rule I struggled with more than once, so maybe it’s worth sharing: Good software quality (bug free, good architecture, good UX and so on) is not enough to have a successful business. This is a boring statement: Of course you need a lot more. First and foremost customers for your software. But here is the interesting thing: The reverse statement is not true. A successful business doesn’t mean it’s based on good software.

Three rules for a good AngularJS architecture

tl;dr Use Directives and apply the SRP. For the last 1,5 years I’ve been involved in developing two AngularJS applications. I was a member of a team of six, and over the time we developed different best practices. The following three rules I think are the most important and the most general. 1. Rule: Use Directives to structure your app. Directives are probably the most complex feature in Angular, but also the most important in regards to your architecture.

'Docker on a virtual server' or 'A virtual server is not a real root server'

For this blog I decided to setup a complete new server with Docker running my services (e.g. Ghost). I was already customer at a German hoster and I decided to rent a virtual Server there. (With Ubuntu 14.04 as OS) I installed Docker and everything seemed fine, until I tried to start the docker daemon. The daemon failed to start with the following error message: init_networkdriver() [...] package not installed.

dark software development

I thought it would be fitting that the first post on this blog should be about a phenomenon I like to call “Dark Software Development”. Because it provides a little bit context for hopefully a lot of posts to come. ( So I hope :-)) (To make it absolut clear upfront: This post is based on my personal experience, jobs and projects I’ve seen, people I talked to, texts I’ve read, talks I’ve seen etc … but at the end it is of course only my opinion.